Sorinel Ghita is a creator of inspiring and motivational soundtracks for media. He studied at the "Bucharest Art School ", and "Music University" from Bucharest.  Sorinel Ghita play at the all keyboards (piano, keyboards and accordion) and he performs several genres, classical, jazz, pop and traditional folk music. Between 1990-2002 works as pianist, to "Big Band of Romanian Army' and then becomes a freelance musician, he signed contracts with various music agencies  and he  had concerts in most European Countries, Japan, Russia etc. Currently, Sorinel Ghita is a piano and keyboards teacher at the Bucharest Art School.
  Sorinel Ghita composes and produces music, for important production libraries (FPM Music,Flipper Music ,Motion Focus Music),his albums can be found in major music companies,(BMG Production Music,Apollo Music, Roba Production Music, SMI production music ,Groove Music Library etc,) and them is distributed worldwide .  Sorinel Ghita is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers - ASCAP 
  Also Sorinel Ghita is a talented music arranger, collaborates with several strings quartets and chamber music ensembles from Germany and Romania, for which he writes musical arrangements.
Sorinel Ghita lives in Bucharest, is married to his wife Dana from 1997, and they have a daughter Anelisse. Is passionate about history, is a lover of people and nature.